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A chiropractic office Essay

A chiropractic office lost all of its computer data, and I was hired for the amount of time that it would take me to type up all of their hard copies into their new computer system. It took me a total of two weeks to type up a three-foot stack of papers. The skills required were mainly typing and editing skills, and sometimes I had to be able to read the doctor’s handwriting. I felt that no further motivation was necessary regarding skill level, since I am a quick, accurate typist and I enjoyed learning about various alternative health remedies as I went along. I completed the entire stack of papers by myself, and I found the solitary work to be relaxing and enjoyable. I felt that my job was, indeed, meaningful since many of the papers were standard legal forms or alternative health information or recipes for kidney stones or other ailments. At any given point in time, I was either directly assisting the chiropractic office or the patients thereof. Since I was a friend of the chiropractor and a trusted member of the staff, I was given full autonomy to complete my assignment on my time, at my discretion and on my schedule. That motivated me to do a stellar job in a short amount of time. Afterward, everyone was impressed by the quality of work I did, but especially the short amount of time in which I did it. I felt satisfied and like I accomplished something worthwhile and in an efficient manner. Â  I will use this same chiropractic office as my next example. An example of strategic planning is when the chiropractor refers the patient to their next appointment, telling them what needs to be checked up on or corrected next time. In this manner, he is not leaving it up to the patient to decide, but recommending a timeframe for when they should return. In this manner, for as long as the patient needs his help, he is providing himself continuing clientele. An example of functional-level planning is when he hired me to type up his paperwork or hired a receptionist to take care of patient evaluation and scheduling of appointments. In this manner, he is allowing himself to give the patients his full, undivided attention which will heal them faster, and allocating other work responsibilities to other people. In this way, he remains organized and punctual. The differences in decision making between the chiropractor and, say, his receptionist is drastic. If the receptionist were to determine when a patient was finished with treatment, a patient could be over-treated or under-treated and lose a lot of money, which would be spread by word-of-mouth and cost the business lots of money. And if the chiropractor made it his responsibility to take care of the tax reports, he would spend hours away from his treatment table, when he could be taking walk-ins or checking the status of a patient’s healing.

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Siemens: Motivation and Employees

SIEMENS: 1. Identify four benefits to Siemens of its in-depth training and development of workers. Ans. Training refers to increasing the knowledge, skills and attitude of employees or extending those the employees already have. Siemens as the top three electrical and electronic companies has been running various effective training programs for their employees in order to build a strong work force and thus contribute better services to the society.In order to do that, they are providing their employees with both on the job (shadowing, mentoring, coaching, job rotation) and off the job (courses, presentations, qualifications) training sessions. Along with the training, company is also providing different development programs to make their employees more flexible, adaptable to change, more creative and innovative. All these training and development programs have brought outstanding benefits to the company.Four of the main benefits of these are discussed below: * Raising productivity an d profit: The main objective of doing any business is to make profit increasing productivity. Siemens also has the same motive and for that it is continuously looking for improved training programs to build a more competent, efficient and a highly motivated team of employees. As the training is motivating the employees highly, they are more dedicated to work for Siemens which in turn gives the company a huge production and profit every year. Improving services and customer satisfaction: The employees of Siemens are always working for providing better service to their customers. They are highly motivated and confident enough to serve the customers with servicing them on time, keeping their clients informed and by doing what they are promising to do. These types of service are making the customers happy and satisfied to stay with Siemens. * Being more able to respond to competition: A well trained employees with good key skills, especially communication and team working skills has giv en the company a competent and efficient work force.So, this era of huge competition, they have achieved to be the top three electrical companies of the world and is currently competing with all their small and large competitors successfully. * Able to gain long-term employee commitment: Costs of recruiting staffs are high but retaining good staffs are far more difficult. Through different training and development programs like- Apprenticeship, Siemens Commercial Academy, Siemens Graduate Programs, the company is training to build a group of good staffs, they are making them more qualified, more dedicated and motivated towards the organization.It makes the employees stay with the company for longer periods which reduces the cost of recruitment resulting in cost savings. 2. Explain how an appraisal system can help to motivate employees. Ans. To measure the effectiveness of its training and development, unlike other renowned organizations Siemens is also using an appraisal system, kno wn as Performance management process. Well-designed and well-executed performance appraisals have a strong motivational impact. Appraisals have the power to motivate employees because they provide a number of interconnected benefits.A well planned appraisal method can thus motivate an organization’s employees to find out the best from them. A well planned appraisal method tends to cover up the following issues which can help the employees to be well motivated: * Demonstrates the need for improvement: If employees don’t have a clear understanding of how they’ve been performing, they can’t be motivated to make any improvements. So, an appraisal system works as a standard to motivate people by pointing out the deficiencies on them. * Employees build a sense of personal value.When managers take the time and effort to carefully review, analyze, document, and discuss performance with employees, the underlying message to the employees is that they’re impo rtant and valuable, and this alone is quite rewarding, whether the feedback is positive or not. * Turn the employees around: When employees are performing poorly, performance appraisals can provide the wakeup call that they need to get refocused and reenergized. With performance appraisal, however, the purpose of the session is not strictly disciplinary, so the employee is more likely to walk in with a more receptive and open mind. Pay reviews: In some instances, appraisals are related to pay reviews. In these cases, if the employees pay rises due to their good performance, they will feel motivated. * Increases satisfaction. When performance appraisals meet the employees’ needs in such areas as gaining recognition, sensing achievement and competence, experiencing growth, and meeting objectives, they’re also contributing to the employees’ job satisfaction, and this is one of the most important elements at work today. When employees are satisfied, some of the most visible indicators are reduced turnover, absenteeism, and tardiness. Meets higher-level psychological needs: Recognition is one of the most powerful forms of motivation for large numbers of employees. Although, there are numerous possible sources of recognition on the job, performance appraisals are an opportunity for employees to receive formal, significant, and enduring recognition from their manager. * Proper feedback: Providing the employees with proper feedback may give them the motive to try hard to overcome their deficiencies and retaining the positive attitudes on them. 3.Using your understanding of the work of Herzberg, which motivators can you see in action at Siemens? Ans. From the Herzberg’s motivation-hygiene theory, we came to know that, an individual’s relation to his or her work is a basic one and that his or her attitude toward work can very well determine the individual’s success or failure. There are both intrinsic and extrinsic factors which results in employee’s satisfaction or no satisfaction. From the intrinsic factors the following can be seen as present in Siemens: * Responsibility: All Siemens graduates are treated as individuals and responsible.The working environment of Siemens says that it requires high skills, knowledge and working ability in their employees. So, the organization works by making their employees responsible towards their work. * Advancement: For the advancement and career development of the employees, Siemens has come up with Apprenticeship training, Commercial academy and Graduate programs. They are also provided with further qualification if necessary. These types of opportunities make the employees feel that they are advancing with their career and the company values them. * Recognition: Siemens recognizes their employee’s efforts and hard work.Those who come up with outstanding performance are treated with rewards and appraisal. * Growth: Siemens looks forward to growth of th e employees as well as the organization. In the case Paul Thomson says that, his training effort helped him to grow in the organization. There are some external factors that is also working as a motivating factors: * Supervision: Employees in Siemens are closely supervised and given feedback on their works. This sense of appraisal system and supervision motivates the employees to maintain a long term relation with the organization. *Relationship with peers: In the case, Gavin Leslie says that, He feels good to share things with his colleagues and there is a good relationship that occurs in the organization. They feel more socially belonging to their co-workers. * Working condition: There remains a happy, friendly environment in the organization and thus the employees make sure that their customers are staying happy. They feel good that Siemens is treating them as they want their customers to be treated like. Combinedly, all these motivating factors are helping the employees meeting up their needs as well as the company to retain their best employees for long term. . Analyze how Siemens uses training and development to ensure growth in its business. Ans. Training and development helps the growth of a business. Siemens has a clear focus on well-motivated and trained work force as it is an asset for any types of organization. They are providing different training and development programs which are making the employees more skilled to remain competitive. These well-trained employees help to retain customers as they enjoy services from them. This contributes to customer loyalty and repeat business.Thus, Siemens is treating their employees just as they want their customer to be treated which in turn is giving Siemens a huge business growth and good will. So, we can see, ensuring growth of any business lies upon its employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction which Siemens is successfully maintaining. Various training and development programs Helps to build more skilled, motivated and competitive work force Repeat transaction increases production and helps to grow business Loyal customers make repeat transaction Motivated employees tend to provide better customer service and retain customers

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Child Called It

Jalen Jones Mrs. Moore English 113 A 1/3/12 Book Summary A Child Called It by David Pelzer is a real life story about a boy who was brutally beaten and severely starved by his alcoholic mother. When David was young, he lived a well and typical life with his parents and brothers. However, his mother unexpectedly, became a monster, taking her anger out on her anger on her vulnerable child.David was forced to lie in freezing cold water with his whole body under except for his nostrils, forced to eat his own vomit, sleep in the basement under the stairs, stabbed, and forced to sit in the bathroom with a mustard gas solution while the door was closed. These are just a few of the brutal, tortuous games that David’s mother used to play. She treated him not like her son, but like nobody with no feelings or emotions. David’s mother would never call him by his name, she always either called him â€Å"The Boy† or â€Å"It† David experienced both psychological and phy sical abuse.In order to survive from his mother's sick games, David used willpower. David has a strong will to survive at any cost. Through all of mothers’ torturous games, David's internal strength began to come into view. Introduction to Interview David Pelzer’s story is the exact opposite of a fairy tale. There was something I couldn’t get right about him. He looked normal but his childhood wasn’t. The room was bright and warm. I sat there preparing my questions for David Pelzer. As he walked into the room and sat down in the chair, I wondered â€Å"is this going to be a dreadful, painful day for David Pelzer? I knew that today, skeletons will be brought out of the closet. Today, there will be secrets revealed. Interview Questions Okay David, let’s jump right in. What was mother like? Mother was†¦ Mother. She was an alcoholic who tortured and starved me for her sick pleasure. She would do things to me that you couldn’t possibly fath om. Once she stabbed m in the stomach and gave me a slightly longer time to complete my chores. But the person, who I loathed in that situation the most, was father. After I was stabbed I turned to him for help and I assumed he would rescue me. Boy was I wrong.He just sat there†¦ In his chair†¦ Continuing to read his paper. When I told him all he could say was â€Å"Jesus H. Christ! Does Mother know that you are talking to me? You better go back in there and do the dishes. Damn it boy, we don’t need to do anything that might make her more upset! I don’t need to go through that tonight†¦I tell you what: you go back in there and do the dishes. I won’t even tell that you told, okay? This will be our little secret. Just go back in the kitchen and do the dishes. Go on now, before she catches the both of us. GO! † That day I lost all respect for him.The day I was taken away from that house was easily the best day of my life. What was the worst th ing mother did to torture you? The worst form of torture? Easily the â€Å"Gas Chamber† I would be trapped in the bathroom with a solution of Clorox  ® and Ammonia. In case you didn’t know that makes Mustard Gas. This was used in WWI to burn your eyes and lungs. The only way to save myself was to push the bucket closer to the door, put one of my work rags over my face. The main reason why I would push the bucket toward the door was so that when Mother opened the door, she would get a taste of her own medicine.My eyes would be red and burning and my throat will be sore and will be blister filled. Every time she did this I would pray to god that he would bring me through this. I had much will power. When Mother opened that door after each session, I would sprint for fresh air, and every time she would get a kick out of it. What was mother like before the abuse? Before the abuse started, my family was the â€Å"Brady Bunch† of the 1960’s. When it came to h ousekeeping mother was a clean fiend. After feeding my two brothers and me breakfast, she would clean, disinfect, scour, and vacuum everything.She never believed in doing anything half way. Our flower garden was the envy of the neighborhood. Mother was an amazing cook. She would often cook foreign and exotic meals. One time she took us to china town and dove around the area. As we did this, she told us about the culture and history of the Chinese people. When we returned home, mom started the record player and played beautiful sounds from the orient. She decorated the living room with Chinese lanterns. That evening she dressed in a kimono and served an exotic yet delicious Chinese meal.She always kept the house filled with pets; cats, dogs, aquariums filled with exotic fish, and a gopher tortoise named Thor. I remember him the best because I named him after my favorite comic book hero. Boy those were the good days. While school was out, what did you do? During the spring time, mothe r made me mow lawns. I would go out and mow lawns all day for a quota mother had set. If I didn’t meet the quota, I would get brutally beaten. Sometimes I would have to ask for money to meet my quota. One Christmas, she bought me skates. They were not for pleasure but for torture.Mother would make me skate outside in the freezing cold for hours with no coat on. It was horrible. Even though people saw me, no one did anything or asked questions. Was there a time where you stopped believing in god or that faith was nonexistent? Yes there was. When my father left, I stopped believing. He was my hero. My father was my only main choice of escaping that misery home. When he left, I had no more hope. All faith of leaving was gone. When he left, I started to do my chores nonchalantly. I decided that if there was nothing to live for why try to be perfect? What was something you were extremely proud of during your childhood?One day I entered a competition to name the school newspaper. I had one the competition and Mr. Ziegler; my teacher had given me an award to take home to my mother. I was hoping that she would be proud of me but boy was I wrong. Mother jabbed her finger and my face and hisses â€Å"Get one thing straight you little son of a b****! There is nothing you can do to impress me! Understand me? You are a nobody! An It. You are nonexistent! You are a bastard child! I hate you and I wish you were dead! Dead! Do you hear me? Dead! † After mother tore the letter to pieces mother returned to her TV show.I stood motionless gazing at the letter which lay like snowflakes at my feet. Even though I heard those words over and over again, the word â€Å"it† stunned me like never before. She had stripped me of my very existence. What would you do to steal food? Sometimes I would steal from the grocery store during recess. I would run to the grocery store, steal food, and run out the store with my prize. One of my favorites was to go through lunch box es of other kids and steal some of their food. But teachers found out about that. On my way to school, I would knock on peoples doors saying† I lost my lunch, can you make me one? One day I knocked on the wrong door. It was a friend of mothers. She made me a lunch but she called mother. I prayed all day that she didn’t call mother. When I got home I paid for what I did. Do you have any advice for people who get abused? Of course. Keep the faith. Always know there is a higher power helping you through the situation. Keep your head up. In time everything will get better. It did for me. I stopped believing but that only got me more torture. Just always know things will get better. Things always turn out in the best. Always remember that.

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Short Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Short Case Study - Essay Example The ceiling also had wet patches which is a sign of poor maintenance. The ceiling condition was questionable since it has been intact for several years since its installation. Possible causes of the incident can be generalized to give countless reasons. They may include; poor quality of ceiling material, poor maintenance, poor roofing and ceiling installation and the negligence of the symptoms and risks caused by the ceiling conditions. Since root analysis is a team work option, the senior members of the organization would not have known until the leaking incident in the boardroom. The staffs at large carry the responsibility of good working conditions on their shoulder. To avoid future incidences, the replacement of the ceiling is highly recommended. To keep the risk at bay, replacement of all old ceiling in the organization should also be done. Since the boardroom is an activity filled room, maintenance will have it fixed as the replacement preparations are structured to avoid any inconveniences. To resolve a crisis or to attain an objective, one does not require the knowledge to all the solutions in advance, but you have to have an apparent idea of the crisis or the objective you want to attain (Hammon, Keeney & Raiffa,

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Final papeer Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Final papeer - Research Paper Example Tehran’s IAEA agreement refers to an agency formed to regulate nuclear and atomic energy. Basically, any country that is a member of the IAEA is expected to act within its mandate. In the event that it acts outside its mandate, then necessary action will be taken. In contrast to this view, there are some people who claim that the world may be heading to a more peaceful state. In as much as the International Atomic Energy Agency categorized Iran as harboring nuclear weapons, they did not clearly state whether the weapons were for peaceful purposes or not. After IAEA investigated the issue of the nuclear weapons in Iran and founding Iran uncooperative, resolving the situation became a diplomatic matter. This research paper will hence address the issue with the aim of supporting the thesis that Iran’s nuclear development may or may not be for peaceful purposes. The paper will hence look at how the nuclear development may not be for peaceful purpose, how Iran is associated to be a terrorist state, and its Islamic region tension to the west. However, it will also look critically into the matter and also prove how Iran’s nuclear development would not be used for war purpose. First, in as much as Iran announced that its nuclear development was purely for peaceful purpose, IAEA questioned their increased interest in nuclear. Even after making investigations and ordering Iran to suspend their Uranium program, plus any projects which had relation to the nuclear programmer, Iran still did not comply. Its inability to comply with what it has been asked brought Western interest, who believed dominated the council to the extent of manipulating it. After investigations, Iran was discovered to harbor nuclear stations which had been buried underground, denoting their purpose that it was not meant for peaceful purpose. In addition, Iran refuted any claims of preparing for war. Nevertheless, as tension heightened in the countries belonging to

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Creation of Jewish State Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Creation of Jewish State - Essay Example The contact of British Empire with Africa became extensive from 1740 onwards. British traders used to make huge income and profits by exchanging manufactured goods for slaves in Africa and then selling slaves further in North America. These traders further amplified their profits by bringing cotton, sugar and tobacco back to Britain. British control bit by bit increased in South Africa and it took control of the Cape of Good Hope in 1795. In 1807, Britain outlawed slavery and hence its relations with Africa enhanced. Britain continued to follow its trial and error method of allying with local rulers and then amalgamating in conflicts between its cronies and their enemies. In the mean while, British gained ever-increasing influence in West Africa and in North Africa. In the 1830s and 1840s Britain increased its involvement in controlling a larger area of southern Africa. And in 1844 Britain was successful in taking the control of the Gold Coast of West Africa. Nevertheless during that period, missionaries and traders like David Livingstone were coming into contact with new African people. They were opening up trade routes and were establishing political alliances. This course of action speeded up when gold and diamonds were found in South Africa in the 1870s and 1880s. Then British came into a clash with the Boers and in due course it resulted in the Boer War of 1899-1902. And it helped the British to enjoy the overall control of the country which today is South Africa. There after from 1870 to 1900 Britain took control of increasingly large areas of West and North Africa. As West Africa was an important, helpful and valuable supply of gold and other trading goods. By 1890s, much of the coastal area of West Africa and parts of the lands which now are the parts of Nigeria, were under British control. In 1880s Britain successfully took control of Egypt. North Africa was an important area for Britain because it was on the trade route between Britain and it's most important and precious territory, India. In the time of 1929 British wanted to keep Jewish immigration limited, inadequate and restricted. Zionists, at that time were worried about the problem that immigration imposed on available resources in Palestine. They acknowledged their Migration to Palestine as an economic suffering. In the nineteen-twenties, Zionists bought some piece of land for agriculture in Palestine but poor and landless Muslims resented it. The Grand Mufti, al-Huseini along with other Muslim aristocrats tried to make money by selling this land to Zionist organizations at prices higher as compared to those prices at which they could sell to their fellow Muslims. At the same time they complained about Jews. Zionists increased aggression against the Jews where as Muslim leaders promoted calm, harmony and peace rather than aggression and hostility. At that time a conflict blows up between Arabs and Jews in Jerusalem. Huseini hold Jews accountable of having seized Muslim holy places in Jerusalem that were Al Aqsa and Al-Hara. In reaction to it they exasperated Arab mobs and they attacked Jews in Jerusalem and looted their homes. The attacks and looting was so extensive that it then broadened to

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The Heart Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Heart - Essay Example The arterial supply of the heart is built from the right and left coronary arteries, which arise from the aorta. The cardiac muscle is composed by specialized cells: cardiac myocytes. Kumar et al. (2005) describe five major components in the myocytes: cell membrane (sarcolemma) and T-tubules; sarcoplasmic reticulum; contractile elements; mitochondria; and nucleus. The sarcolemma and T-tubules enable impulse conductions, and the sarcoplasmic reticulum is a calcium reservoir needed for contraction. Mitochondria are crucial components, since they are involved in cardiac contraction by providing a constant supply of ATP to the sarcomeres. Mitochondria are abundant in cardiac tissue, constituting 20% to 40% of cellular volume in energy-demanding zones (Marin-Garcia 2005). Cardiac muscle is composed of sarcomeres, which are the contractile units with an arrangement of thin and thick myofilaments. The myocytes are composed of many parallel myofilaments arrays of sarcomeres in series, which are responsible for the striated appearance (Kumar 2005). Thin filaments are composed of various proteins named actin, tropomyosin, and troponin. Myosin is the thick filament, and possesses the cross-bridges that can attach to the actin. Au (2004) has described the various components of the sarcomere in great detail. Since cross-bridges possess ATPase activity, contraction may be explained as a continuous cycling of cross-bridges. Moreover, cardiac muscle fibers are joined together by junctional complexes called intercalated discs (Dunn 2004), so that the action potential is spread. The role of Calcium Calcium (Ca2+) regulates mechanical contractions and Vandenboom et al. (2005) have shown that "cross-bridge attachment increases thin filament activation dynamically and that this increase is proportional to the level of activation first established by Ca2+"; during membrane depolarization, a small amount of Ca2+ enters through specialized channels, and the influx triggers calcium release of the sarcoplasmic reticulum. Intracellular calcium binds to troponin C, which induces activation of the myofilaments and muscle contraction. Relaxation is initiated by dissociation of Ca2+ from troponin C, followed by its reuptake into the sarcoplasmic reticulum and removal through sodium/calcium exchangers (Chakraborti et al. 2007). Structure and Function Ventricular muscle contracts during systole and relaxes during diastole. The sarcomere length and sliding mechanism has been described by various researchers (Pollack et al 2005). The Frank-Starling mechanism depicts the relationship between structural components of the heart and its function: shorter sarcomeres have considerable overlap of actin and myosin filaments, reducing its contractile force, whereas longer lengths enhance contractility. In a normal heart, moderate dilation increases the subsequent force of contraction. With progressive dilation, however, there is a point at which effective overlap of filaments is reduced, and the force of contraction is reduced (Kumar 2005). The clinical consequences of